Sunday, July 20, 2008

Books read 2007

Books read 2007
One Sunday
Strange Rain
One More River to Cross
The Long Road of the Junkmailer
The Road
The Vintners Luck
Bookcrossing through Middleearth
Farewell my Ovaries
Journey To Eureka
Odd One Out
The Bone Flute
Whale Rider
Ella Minnow Pea
Bad Twin
Sharing Blood
Speak Softly, she'll hear
Chickenfeed ----20
Happy Birthday and all that
Caught in the Headlights
Each Way Bet
Bones (tv series tie in)
Nights of rain and Stars
Only a Mother could love him
Three weeks in Bali
Cherry Pie
The secret dreamworld of a shopoholic (I hate Bex)
Nineteen Minutes
Under the Green Moon
A wedding in December
Baby Daze (read about 1/3 of it)
The Denniston Rose
To the boy in Berlin
Bend in the river ---40
My Story Refugee
Somehow form a family
Crime and Tide Brisbane River Mysteries
Murder Under the Mangoes
Peril under the Pandanus
The Motorcycle cafe
Heart of Coal
Catching the Current
Fly the Rebel Flag Battle at Eureka
Break No Bones ---50
Murder by Water
The lime bar (quit half way through as it sucked!)
Three dirty women and the garden of death (quit half way through as it is very badly written)
The book thief
Harry Potter and the Deathly hallows
Earthly Delights
One Book Many Brisbanes
Red Velvet Memoirs of a working girl
Bridge to Terabithia
Bubbles Ablaze
Joel and Cat set the Story Straight
For love and a Beetle
Bubbles in Trouble
Bubbles Unbound
Bad to the Bones Qld crimewriters
Light on Snow
The Phillip Island Murder
Ticket to Trouble
The Bizarre death of Karla Borsch (1/2) --70
The Nanny Diaries
The boy in the striped Pajamas
The Three Pronged dagger
Ipod! therefore I am!
The Dragon man
Bones to Ashes
Grave Secrets
Bare Bones(Yep I spent a weekend with Tempe!)
Heartsick ----80
Cross Bones (Thanks L1nda for continuing my Tempe obsession!)
Inside out, upside down
The Kite Runner
Across the Nightingale floor The Otori episode 1
Hot Iron Corrugated sky, 100 years of Queensland writing
Mary Mary
Those Faraday Girls
The Form Guide
The Christmas Visitor ---90
Pop goes the Weasel
Hell Island
Q is for Quarry
Red Leaves
Shopaholic and baby (I still hate Bex but I'm curious how she can cope with a child)
Sunrise on Kusatsu harbour
Across the Nightingale floor --98
No shitting in the toilet

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